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About Me

My name is Tamika Owens 

Assertive Intuitions Holistic Services llc. is a female owned and operated company. Designed to help other women on their journey to self-love and self-care and finding and living their rich and abundant life. I came up with A.I.H.S. while going through the struggles dealing with the matters in my own life such as mental illnesses, family matters, work, losses, setbacks, injuries, bankruptcies, traumas etc. You know all the things that can give you a stroke, oh and a TIA.  I don’t begin there for sympathy purpose. It’s to be vulnerable and in my truth. My methods are not for everyone, if they resonate and help someone, my work here is done.

To be assertive is to have confidence in all you do, while maintaining your truth.  And Intuitions. We all have intuitions, yet we either do not know how to identify with our intuitions or we tend to ignore inner self. Assertive Intuitions is finding your soul’s purpose and living in that truth in a very heart felt and intuitive way, The result is living your best life, past disappointments, challenges, losses etc. with your unique fulfilling soul’s purpose.  

I have used my empathic nature to navigate through many situations. As a behavioral health coach, peer mentor, women’s resource officer; drug and alcohol counselor. It is my pleasure to take my years of working in behavioral health combined with credentials in Reiki and Crystal therapy, aromatherapy, herb therapy, and social responsibility to come up with a life that’s rich for me. My aim is to bring awareness as well as help others as I help myself. Time to be brave, selfless and share my truth.  

My soul’s mission using my tools to be a conduit between you and  spirit, God, the divine, universe (however you identify) to connect with your intentions and manifestations. With intuitive therapy, I will always encourage you to listen to your truth. Together we discover ways to ways to deal cope and succeed.


No matter the physical or emotional conditions most often can be tied back to how well you take care of yourself and how you process issues, diseases, stress and even generational issues can affect our mind, body, soul and over all experience in life, with ourselves, family members, colleague, partners and the universe. 

Through a series of truly unfortunate events, I was forced to sit still and look inward. My life transformed from a part-time yoga student and closet tantric yogi to a Goddess and holistic healer. Tho at the times I did like many people. I questioned faith, I questioned rather I was being punished. With all the questions I was not asking the right ones. Now I have come to realize, we each create our own heaven or hell. Being accountable was the most uncomfortable yet rewarding epiphany.  Being truly accountable, owning your situation and the lessons from the discomfort.  Being an empath since inception and extremely intuitive, I knew these days were coming. Have I been living with a curse, superpower, or mental illness? Let’s go there another time. 


No matter your sex, sexual preference or orientation, race, color creed, or any other descriptive words humans have come up with to separate, you have been divinely placed. Whatever struggle you may encounter has a direct correlation to other factors in your life. Through my many holistic modalities, it is my pleasure to be of service to your healing and transformation.


​My content is primarily geared towards women. A.I.H.S, and myself is proud to say that we are a resource for females of all ages. May we unite in sisterhood.  however, there are products for men or none gender specific and I hope that there is something for everyone,


I am proud to announce that A.I.H.S. is taking many strides to support environmental awareness and vegan/organic lifestyle.


Reiki Principles

Just For today, I will not Worry.

Just for today, I will not become angry.

Just for today, I will be grateful for all my blessings.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to all living things.


~Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Thank you for your time 

Mika Owens D. Psc

Az State Certified peer mentor, Behavior coach, Reiki Practitioner,  Womb Wellness Specialist, Intuitive Counselor

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