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Hi, Assertive Intuitions is a concept I came up with while going through the struggles of  the many titles I held, such as mother daughter, therapist etc. and the obsticles that presented themselves daily. To be assertive is to have confidence in all you do, while maintaining your truth. And Intuitions. We all have intuitions, yet we either do not know how to identify with our intuitions or we tend to ignore inner self. Assertive Intuitions is finding your soul purpose and living in that truth in a very heart felt and intuitive way, The end result is living your best life, past disappointments, challenges, losses etc.   My role is to be a condiuit for the spirit, God, the divine, universe( how ever you identify)  to help you see how certain factors  that have caused blockages in your life. With intuitive therapy, I will alway encourage you to listen to your truth. Together we discover the reason your soul came here and how to honor that calling. No matter the physcial or emotional condition most often can be tied back to how well you take care of yourself and how you process issues, diseases, stress and even generational issues can effect our mind, body, soul and over all experience in life, with ourselfs, family members, colleague, partners and the universe as a whole. 

I started my journey 22 years ago in the hills of Sedona, Az. On a quest for the meaning of life. The essences of living I stumbled in a tantric yoga workshop. From then, my senses were on fire. I spent the majority of my life, living in the confinements of the "right things to do, and the right paths to travel" with deviations here and there. What I discovered my enjoyment and stimulation of wanting to know more was not on the beaten path. I had more questions than I started. 

Through a series of truly unfortunate events, I was forced to sit still and look inward. My life transformed from a part-time yoga student and closet tantric yogi to a Goddess and holistic healer. Tho at the time  I did like many people. I questioned faith, I quested rather I was being punished. With all the questions I was not asking the right ones. Now I have come to realize, we each create our own heaven or hell. Being accountable was the most misunderstood yet rewarding epiphany.

Today I see no right or wrong in a person, I greet you all with Nameste. "may the god/goddess in me meet the god/goddess in you"  

No matter your sex, sexual preference or orientation, race, color creed, or any other descriptive words humans have come up with to separate, you have been divinely placed. What every struggles you may encounter have a direct correlation to other factors in your life. Through my many holistic modalities, it is my pleasure to be of service to your healing and transformation.

As of June 12, 2021 As my commitment to you and my devine purpose,  I will be offer mobile Reiki and intuitive counseling. Long Distance Reiki, Beginners Yoga, Beginners meditation, Breathe Therapy, and Peer Mentoring will still be available remotely.. For all of our safety, You will be asked to complete a COVID questionnaire and services may be moved to remotely should the need to arrive. Currently the booking schedule has been updated. I will be available for specific services at specific times. If you need special times please do not hesitate to contact me. 

While we figure things out and get used to some new norms, organizations like the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are two great sites to ensure your getting information from reliable sources to avoid spreading misinformation.

I am proud to announce that A.I. is taking many strides to support environmental awareness and vegan/organic lifestyle. 

~Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Thank you for your time 

Mika Owens D. Psc

Az State Certified peer mentor, Behavior coach, Reiki Practitioner,  Womb Wellness Specialist, Intuitive Counselor

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Welcome to Assertive Intuitions, My Mission is to bring you the best in home remedies. Rather its through pre-home made products, such as hygiene, custom tailored salves and essentials oils, specifically to fit your needs.

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Assertive Intuitions

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” ~J. Stanford

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