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What's up with Mika's Mix of Shea Butter, and why is it so effective?

Honey coco mango whipped shea butter with neem is the latest addition to our line of kinds of butter.

Come watch me whip up the Shea Butter here on TicTok Mika Owens409 on TikTok

As much as I hate to admit, I was once the woman who had a collection of lotions from bath and bodyworks, corner drug stores, and grocery stores. It was only when I discover the benefits did not outweigh the risks I was taking to smell like a garden, with the assumption I was keeping my skin from being dry.

On top of the fragrances made my head hurt and quickly turned to migraines. I can not say that I received the benefits for the cost I was spending to be loyal to a single product. As no product had been sufficient in the hydration I required. To add further insult to injury some products just flat out left me with allergic reactions, leading me to not only lose money, replacing yet another product. Furthermore, I was a mom who was spending money on eczema creams, sunblocks, and additional children's lotions and hair care products.

It became apparent to me quickly that the only way I was going to manage the skin moisture issue was to research and learn. And in doing so I found that I could first off stop using things with chemicals in them. The next and most important life changer was the amount of money I was saving. Combining hair and skin cream has been the absolute game changer for my family and me.

In this blog, I won’t go to the store products and their side effects rather the ingredients I used in this particular butter and the benefits of each one.

Shea Butter

The main ingredient is shea butter. What would whip Shea butter be without the Shea? Shea butter is the fat extract from the African Shea tree. The natural color of Shea is white. The yellow shea butter you may see in the hair stores is dyed yellow. Shea is naturally edible and can be used in culinary dishes. I really love using the Shea in all my creams and butter mixes because due to my auto-immune disease (Lupus) the sun can be brutal and Shea offers a natural SPF (sun protection factor) of 6-10. How is THAT for sun protection? Not only that the application is a lot easier than the sunblock I am using in conjunction with this shea butter.

Are you still with me? Great! Remember when I said that Shea butter came from the fat of the nut of the shea tree? Right on! Well, let me tell ya what that fat does. (Snickering) The two fatty acids are oleic acid and stearic acid, and they are very similar to the fats produced naturally by your body, thus making for easy absorption.

Shea butter, The healer. Shea Butter is an anti-inflammatory, applies to the skin, and relieves sunburns. Also, will keep the germs at bay as they want to hitch a ride on your body. When I massage the butter into my sore hands, I can feel the pain and tension release from the carpal tunnel. I do this every night before putting on my wrist braces. I sleep so well and have managed to avoid surgery for several years.

Cocoa Butter

Next up is what makes this butter the butter that it is – Cocoa Butter. Another fat! This time coming from the cocoa bean of the cocoa plant. And you probably have guessed by now. Yes, from the same place as chocolate. And therefore yes, it is edible. The fatty acids contained in cocoa butter are stearic acid, palmitic acid, and a wee bit of lauric acid just to name a few. And just like butter, this single ingredient brings my whipped shea from cream to butter and in combination with the other oils makes for a melt-on-contact mix.

Since there is no way I am going to work this hard to put preservatives in my mix I am so grateful for natural antioxidants, which prevent rancidity, which will allow for a year shelf life (although your jar of butter won't last that long). The natural antioxidant properties also preserve the skin prolonging the effects of aging. Another reason you gonna love antioxidants is that they relate to polyphenols. In the food blogs I can explain more, but for this purpose, just remember that polyphenols aid in cellular regenerations. Oh, Benjamin Button (wink)

Natural scar eraser. No really! As a kid, no wait, ok so I get injured a lot! And I need fast healing, I would not trust another topical for my scaring. In my photos, you may have noticed that I had a scar on the bridge of my nose. I got a tad bit over-excited and scrapped my face across the bottom of the pool floor In September. And EEKKKK, My nose, pierced lip, which thought I left my whole lip on the pool floor and my chin! However, only the scar on my nose persists. Then there was the time I fell off the side of Cathedral Rock in Sedona. There is no trace of scars on my legs at all.

Sun Ray protection, due to the protective nature of cocoa butter, locks forms a barrier on the skin locking in moisture and improving blood flow protecting against the sun, and reversing the damage of the sun.

Cocoa butter is the ultimate for natural hair especially when it comes to caring for high porosity hair and locking in moisture. Yet I found that using it by itself on my daughter's 4 B hair was too much, however, this jar has been amazing!

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is another fatty oil so you know what that means, yes more oleic acid. Avocado oil has the same properties as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which are going to aid in the healing, protecting, and improving the electricity of the skin.

Strengthen, repair, and moisturize the hair, an extra benefit is sealing the hair follicles, which reduces and stops breakage.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in avocado oil as well as cocoa butter. Yet adding an additional pure vitamin E, is going to help your skin fight against sun damage on top of boosting your immune system. Vitamin E has major anti-aging and age-reversing benefits.

Because I absolutely love being outside, this past summer I noticed these dark spots appear on my cheeks. I check with a doctor, who told me that there was nothing to worry about. Well, anything new is something to look into. These lovely spots are called melasma, a hyperpigmentation and a side effect of autoimmune diseases. And sun over-exposure BRUH! Since I’ve been using this cream the spots are fading.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is produced from the seed of the Chinensis plant found in drought-resistant places like here in the deserts of Arizona and neighboring states. And here we go with the list of anti. Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and like the kinds of butter and oils prior, Jojoba is super hydrating. On top of this JoJoba oil softens the skins, smooths the complexion, and watch this! reduces wrinkles.

Anti-oxidant. Thanks to fatty acids such as oleic, this oil help to provide a protective shield over the skin which keeps in all that juicy moisture. Oh, and I found this tidbit SUPER exciting. JoJoba comes from a family of Bio fungicides, which keeps pests at bay on the body and the garden. Happy camping!


Neem is one of my favorite herbs from my Ayurveda studies. I first loved it for use on my little one bug bites. But wait there is so much more! Neem oil is anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, anti-viral, and wound healing. On top of being edible, we will get into more of that when we cook some healing meals. Back to skin and hair due to all these properties, not oil will neem oil help with the hydration. It will also fight against hair and scalp issues such as dandruff and rashes on the skin.

Neem oil is the perfect oil to add for the multitude of skin conditions under one roof along with fighting cancer. The extra bonus is Neem prolongs the greying in your hair! I am 47 years old in less than a month and have 3 grey hairs on my head. I have my grey hair in my eyebrows than my hair, so now I am using this special cream wonder from head to toe and I could not be happier. And like the Jojoba oil natural bio fungicides – POOF! Bugs be gone!


Last but not least and aiding the tropical smell of the shea butter and chocolate undertones of the cocoa butter and is certain to mute the smell of the neem oil. I’ve added the following essential oils to first boost the mood of the wear and secondly to make sure the scent was pleasant. And finally, I need a scent that would play nicely no matter the gender. The right mix of cocoa, honey, and mango really complements any wearer, for any occasion regardless of age and gender.

The super fun part is this cream is sunshine summer ready yet lifts the mood during these cold and dreary months. If you’re like me and suffer from winter dry skin, you’re going to love this kind of hydration. And your skin and hair will too.

Love and Intention

And the final ingredients are love and intentions. As the creams rest with crystals, they will receive a sage bath, Reiki and prayer of love, and hydrating healing intentions are set.

Thanks for hanging out with me, for this brief overview of this wonderfully hydrating cream. I only named a few benefits. However, it has been reported back to this cream has helped several skin conditions, some I'd never heard of. I've also seen and have been told of the lightening of the complexion " more like complexion correction", Oh and what a number it does on acne scarring and extremely dry feet conditions. I could literally talk all day about this mix. However, I have some self-love/ self-care to get to.

Come back for more. And please do check out my other social media.

IG: @Mikasintuitions

TikTok: @MikaOwens3

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