Homemade laundry soap

Homemade laundry soap

If you have allergies, skin conditions, or just want to get away from the toxins in your laundry soap. Here is a natural alternative. This soap is hand made and with minimal heat and energy to ensure the balance of the ingredients maximizing Qi. 

A little goes a long way 1-2 scoops depending on the load size and soil level. Will not leave your clothes with a heavy perfume smell yet strong enough to eliminate strong ordors from pets, sweat and blood. Extremely gentle used on baby clothes and handwashing unmentionables such as panties and reusable sanitary napkins. 

Lavender -$12

Rose -$15

  • care instructions and replacements

    Shake well before each wash, use scoop that comes with laundry soap. will come in large glass mason jar wrapped in bubble wrap. If jar is broken please contact Assertive Intuitions immediately 623-226-6493. for replacement or store credits.