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Workshops and Hosted Events

Become the greatest version of yourself

Stay up to date with self help, self discover and healing workshops. Get hands on content and buy products direct at my hosted events

Assertive Intuitive Workshop

Get your needs met by being assertive; Learn to identify and listen to your intuitions

Have you ever wondered why you were stuck in your position, rather that is work, home relationships or personal goals? chances are you are either passive or aggressive. Why second guess yourself when you know you best. Unerstand that intuitions are apart of our voice. When we learn how to communicate effectively and except our true inner authentic self, only then can we begin to heal from past trauma, start that business, get the promotion you deserve, and even have a more effective relationship with self and others. This 3 hour workshop will help you pull back the layers and give you the jump start to becoming your greater version.

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Libidinous Lusty Ladies

Learn to let go and become the sensual and powerful woman you were meant to be.

Heard of the term "pussy power", "your sitting on a gold mine"? Learn about the creativity and strength that each of us women possess. We are creators of all things good and bad. This hosted house party will give you insight into yourself. Not only is this an informational event. This is n event to explore, feed your curiosity, laugh and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Games, products for sale - Goddess gemstone eggs; beyond the average adult toys are just a few goodies. Full description will be found on FB invite. Please text me if you would like to be added.

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